island-paradise-sims-resorts-preview In The Sims 3 Island Paradise you can manage resorts in a way that is more or less similar to The Sims 2 Open For Business management.
To become a resort owner you should use the phone or select one of the resort lots available. Those special lots must contain a resort tower that is a rabbit hole working as the center of your business.
At the beginning this tower is quite basic, but you can upgrade it if you have the prerequisites and by paying a certain amount of money every time. In this way you can get a better looking resort tower and offer more services to your customers, like SPA treatments.

You can customize your resort lot as you wish building beautiful hotels, swimming pools, luxury bedrooms, bungalow and much more.
If you don’t want to spent too much time building and decorating, you can use blueprint mode with many pre-made rooms and entertainment places to choose from: swimming pools, bedrooms, restaurants, bars, party places, chapels….
Once you place the blueprint, you can also decide to modify and customize it as you wish.
Blueprints available are amazing and I’m sure you’ll find what you need.


In Buy Mode you can find many interesting items for resorts, including a dedicated category.
Good items increase your hotel value and allow you to set higher prices.


When you are done with a  bedroom or a bungalow, you must set the VIP door lock to make it available for customers. Sims can also sleep in the resort tower, disappearing inside it.

Screenshot-39 When everything is ready, we have to hire Sims that will take care of the front desk and the food stands.
The uniform, the make up ad the hairstyle are customizable. We also have to set their working hours.
Repairmen and maids can be hired, but they are not always the same ones.
If you want a better service, you should hire Sims with more experience and that cost more.

In the management menu we can choose the prices, open and close the resort, see the financial panel and check reviews.
Reviews panel is very important to see what customers think about your business. If their opinion is not good, they’ll list what’s wrong and it will help you to improve your place.
Financial panel shows how much we are spending and how much we are gaining.


Buffets and bars offer different dishes depending on the quality chosen.

When you click on a buffet table you can also set the kind of food you want to serve, like breakfast, lunch, dinner, for kids, desserts, dim sum, sushi…
Beach food stands have hamburgers, hot dogs, ice creams, lemonade, chocolate  covered pineapple, coconut milk, Cuban sandwiches, fried food, grilled cheese sandwiches and much more.

If you prefer to relax, you can stay at one of the available resorts as a customer and enjoy the vacation life.
The front desk guy will be happy to give you some info about adventures and scuba diving or selling you a mosquito repellent.



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