We are all excited about The Sims 4, but we should not forget that at the end of October Maxis will release The Sims 3 Into The Future expansion pack.
On the official blog you can find a new interesting article about Plumbot where you can discover many robot features and see new pictures.

Bots Screen2There are dozens of trait chips available for Plumbots. Competent Cleaner is a great trait chip for some instant help in a messy house. Need some help in the garden? With the RoBotany Gardener chip, bots will automatically tend the garden and fertilize plants – no ingredients needed! The Office Drone chip will allow your Plumbot to get a job and earn some simoleons for the household. If you’re looking for a bot with a little more humanity, give Sentience a try. This chip is the closest program to humanity that a Plumbot can equip. And of course the Efficient and Solar Powered trait chips are always good to have on hand since they will help your Plumbot run more smoothly. 


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