thesims4-emotions The second masterclass we had at the Sims Camp has been about emotions. SimGuru Grant is the one that guided us through this game area.

Emotions are an important part of The Sims 4 gameplay because they influence the way your Sim walk, reacts and behave.

You can clearly see if a character is sad because he'll start to walk in a certain way, will show a sad face and will interact with items, sims and the environment accordingly.
For example, he could start to cry when another sim plays the violin. Yes, the violin is one of the new musical instruments of The Sims 4.
If a Sim is angry, you'll notice it by his walking style and his facial expression.

Thanks to this feature, Sims are more realistic and players can experience a better story telling.
If your Sim is in a certain moods, some interactions will be available, while others could not be selectable anymore.


Environment items influence your Sim's mood. For example, a certain picture on the wall could make you flirty and a nice dress makes you feel cool.

Also, your paintings could be affected by your mood and certain emotions could give you more inspiration.

During the demo we have been able to see a big teddy bear that you can hit if you are angry and stressed. There was also another kids item: a pirate ship that you can use as a playground. Producers are not allowed to talk about children, but they confirmed that there are ages. I noticed 5 ages tabs in CAS. Grantalso said that sad children wouldn't enjoy the playground and that different ages have different emotions.

Talking about stess relief, another thing you can do when you are stressed is punching a boxing bag or having a bubble bath.
Somethimes Sims could need a cool shower as well.

thesims4-emotions violin We have proper traits in the game, but we can consider emotions like extra and temporary traits.

Emotions could inspire you to do something. If your mood is not so good, you could not be able to achieve certain goals.

A Sim could be so furious to die because of that. Sims can be very depressed, but there’s no suicide.
There are 15 different emotions, like confident, happy, sad, inspired, energized, angry and flirty.

Emotions affect your working performance. Talking about work, we know that there are careers with branches and also an astronaut profession.

During the demo, SimsCamp simmers asked few questions that are not really related to emotions. I would like to share the related info with you.
Producers didn't go into details, but we know that there's still a goal system, even if we don't have proper wishes anymore.
thesims4-emotions paint We asked if there’s weather and if it could influence Sims emotions, but it seems they are not planning to add it to the base game.

We ended up talking about cooking and Grant said that if you eat well, you’ll feel better.
He also said that Sims usually eat what’s necessary and if they eat more it means that you forced them to do it.
It has been confirmed that there’s gardening in the game.

That’s it about emotions. I think that this huge part of the gameplay is awesome and will make our Sims more realistic. People would like to play with characters that are more similar to real people and I must say that The Sims 4 achieved this goal.

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